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"The Wisconsin Way (W90)" Course:


Get ready to revolutionize your school and boost your profits with this proven course! You'll be taken through a foolproof system that has been proven to work time and time again. With our step-by-step approach, you'll be able to build a powerful and successful framework that is both scalable and high-retention. Don't wait - Improve your school today!

Next Class Begins Aug. 28th, Limited Enrollment

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What You Will Discover In W90 Course Program

  • Why My Top Students Run 7 Figure Schools In Small Towns.

  • The Big Three Retention Killers

  • The Reverse Curriculum System

  • Three Ways To Get 1000's of People To Visit Your School

  • How To Add Staff Immediately

  • 3 "Must Do's" As A Business Leader!

  • The 98% Retention Secret

  • Build Classes That Assistants Can Handle Like A Pro!

  • The Culture Of A Million Dollar School!

  • Stop Parent Complaints Every Time!

  • Building Your Assistant Team "Now!"..... and so much more!

BONUS: Interviews And Q&A With Mr. Reid's Most Successful 7 Figure Owners!

Are You Ready For A Proven School Growth Program?

Look no further than W90!

With over 45 years of proven success, our program is designed to take you to the top of your game.

Follow in the footsteps of Mr. Reid's 7 figure school owners as you learn and implement these proven systems. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your school into a top performer.

Enroll in the proven W90 course today! You'll be glad you did!

It's About The Students!

As martial arts instructors, we hold the key to empowering and positively impacting children's lives. Is there any greater calling? Let's unlock the limitless potential of our youth and create a better future together!

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The Wisconsin "W90" Way

167 Black Belts testing in one night, Part of the 10,000+ Black Belts Mr. Reid's linage has produced!

  • Get ready to be amazed! Over the past 45+ years, Mr. Reid's martial arts lineage has produced an unbelievable 10,000+ Black Belts!

  • He did it by learning from his mistakes, staying focused, and building the biggest and most successful martial arts program in Wisconsin's history.

  • Now, with W90, you can discover their secrets to this success. These incredible schools, located in small Wisconsin towns, have not only adopted a strong base system, but have also added their own unique twists based on their individual purpose and values.

  • Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs and say hello to a proven system that will help your school grow to amazing heights!

Next Class Begins Aug. 28th, Limited Enrollment

Here Is What's included in this proven course.

Get ready to transform your school in just 90 days! Our self-paced course offers over 24 exciting classes filled with school growth content, relevant documents, 100 page workbook, W90 Facebook Focus Group, Weekly training and Q&A, interviews with Wisconsin Way Board of Directors.

Join us for an unforgettable 90 day journey towards school transformation!

Step by Step W90 Workbook Manual!

Track your growth and document the systems and programs that resonate with you. Keep this book forever and refer to it often!

How To Build An incredible staff!

Exciting news! In this course you will discover the perfect proven framework and structure to help you immediately begin developing your staff for a greater productivity.

Video: Assistants Rockin' Class: Andera Kosters Touchstone Karate Academy

More Video: Assistants Rockin' Class:

Andera Kosters Touchstone Karate Academy

How Our W90 Works

Just Follow This Simple Steps!

  • Enroll

  • You will receive a email with Login and Password to the course

  • You will receive two lessons per week

  • Utilize the included workbook

  • Join the Facebook Group

  • Join in the Weekly Q & A

  • Study, learn and grow.

Who is this course not for?

  • People who won't do the work, if you don't want to put in the effort, If you won't do the work, save your money, the course only works if you do.

  • Owners who insist "That's how we always did it, I'm not changing.."

  • Owners afraid of change.

  • Owners who's schools about their ego, and not providing life improving skills for their students.

Randy Reid And The Wisconsin Way

Introducing 5 Of Mr. Reid's Top Students

Real martial artists, real Proven business. Real Champions in martial arts, business and life.


Don & Theresa Wideman

Black Belt America Madison, WI

2/1/23 total $222,000/

Total 2023 Projected sales 2 million

29,000 sq. ft. School

12 National championships


Jeff & Amanda Denu

The Academy Grand Chute, WI

Population 23,000

2022 sales 7 figures+

532 active students

Gracie Brown Belt

Former 3 time State Champion


Jeff & Jen Quirk

True North Karate Brookfield, WI

Population 42,000

2022 sales 7 figures+

515 Active students

Former National Champion


Matt & Shannon Schaefer

Karate America Neenah, WI

Population: 27,000

368 Active students

Krav Instructor

Successful Kickboxer


Andrea & Dan Piersoff

Touchstone Karate Sun Prairie, Wi

Pop: 36,000

Part-time school

100= Active students

27 assistant instructors

Zero required teaching per week

National Champion

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